For more able mathematicians, further mathematics is a wonderful journey of exploration into the realms of imaginary numbers, algebraic proof, matrices and the manipulation of hyperbolic functions. It is taught alongside the mathematics A-level in both year 12 and 13 where you will study topics from further pure, mechanics, discrete and statistics.

The concepts from further pure are then applied to these topics, creating a link which will support the mathematics course as well. The addition of further mathematics as an A-level will help you strengthen your overall mathematical understanding as you discover the beautiful language of mathematics.

If you wish to study mathematics at university then further mathematics is the perfect stepping stone for the rich, complex content studied at degree level and will help you get ahead of your peers. The studying of complex numbers is also particularly useful for many practical subjects such as engineering, sciences and economics.

Core content

All students must study this content.

  • OT1: Mathematical argument, language and proof
  • OT2: Mathematical problem solving
  • OT3: Mathematical modelling
  • Compulsory content


Students must study two of these options.

  • Optional application 1 – mechanics
  • Optional application 2 – statistics
  • Optional application 3 – discrete

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Entry Requirements

Grade 7 or above in GCSE Mathematics.

5 GCSE’s grade A*-C or 4 and above, including English.

Interview Required.