• Students aim to develop their skills through engaging in a positive learning environment with a key focus on.
    • Being Prepared
    • Being Respectful
    • Being the best version of themselves

More information on our behaviour principles can be found here


  • Everyone is passionate about learning and embraces the contribution that everyone makes.
  • Everyone subscribes to the highest expectations of achievement and behaviour.
  • Every individual is equally valued, has a sense of respect and responsibility towards themselves, others and the environment.
  • Everyone is committed to continuous improvement in everything that they do.

In Addition

  • We are a centre of excellence in science, technology engineering, mathematics and computing, enabling all learners to achieve their full potential in an advanced technologically driven society.
  • We engage all students in engineering as a catalyst that enables them to apply what they have learnt, be creative and solve problems.
  • Students develop exceptional workplace skills through active engagement with industry professionals and the working environment.
  • We develop an entrepreneurial mind-set that underpins how students approach learning, enabling them to be successful in an ever-changing world.