UTC@harbourside is an exciting new university technical college in Newhaven, East Sussex for 14 to 18 year olds with a real interest in science, technology, engineering, maths and computing.

Our new building provides a real and virtual learning environment designed for the 21st century with the best engineering facilities in the region.

Our curriculum enables students to gain all the real qualifications at GCSE and A-level that they need. But what makes us unique is our total connectivity with the real world; students do real projects set by employers, gain real experience of work and develop the real skills that they need to succeed.

Our extended day supports students to achieve the most and our extra-curricular programme offers students opportunities that go far beyond what is commonly available in state schools.

We attract students from across Sussex, from Hastings in the East to Haywards Heath and beyond in the North, and Brighton and Worthing in the West.

Students can join at 14, or 16.  For those joining at 14 we offer the opportunity to make a seamless transition from GCSE to A-level.

As a college that will be no larger than 600 students, we will be able to provide every student with a personalised curriculum in our area of specialism but also to know and care for every student as an individual.

At UTC@harbourside our focus is on engineering which now touches every aspect of our lives. From the electronics inside a smart phone; the robotics of mass production; the lasers used in eye surgery and the marine, aeronautics and space technologies that allow us to explore a world beyond our natural limitations. At Harbourside, students learn how engineering drives our economy and shapes our future.

We have a real emphasis on the environment and sustainability – all about making a real difference to the world in which we live. Sustainability, energy saving and recyclability are now at the core of all engineering design.  Whether helping organisations reduce their impact on the environment, or build sustainable energy systems, such as wind, wave and tidal, engineering is the way to achieve this.

Jordan Lawrence, 18, of Peacehaven said, “There are so many different things we can do here. Not many students our age will have used machinery like this. It’s the only school around here to do this kind of thing.”

Sixth former Danielle Vences said, “I’ve never used any of this equipment before coming here.  the facilities are amazing and the teachers are very knowledgeable. I am happy to be here and proud to say I’m at UTC@harbourside.” Danielle has made an acrylic and LED sign of the UTC name to be displayed in reception.”

Sophie Lewis, 14, of Peacehaven, said, “We have a choice of activities. We do mountain biking, badminton and climbing at Plumpton College and the boys have started doing gym there too.”

Vinnie Webster, 14, from Newhaven, has joined the lunchtime robotics club. He said, “I’m more hands on.  In my old school there was no opportunity to improve – I like it here a lot. We’ve been given the opportunity to build our own robots and put them into competition.”