Here at UTC@harbourside, our focus is on STEM and we are proud to now offer three qualification routes – academic, vocational and technical – enabling students to choose which suits them best. The UTC works with leading employers to give students who are motivated by science, maths and computing the real skills and qualifications they need to succeed at university, in an apprenticeship or in the work place.

In Year 12 our students have the option of taking a selection of the following subjects:

A-Level BiologyA-Level Mathematics
A-Level ChemistryA-Level Further Mathematics
A-Level Computer ScienceA-Level Physics
A-Level ElectronicsA-Level Psychology
A-Level GeographyA-Level Product Design
A-Level GeologyExtended Project Qualification (EPQ)


BTEC National Certificate in Biomedical Applied Science (Level 3)BTEC Engineering (Diploma)
BTEC Engineering (Extended Diploma)BTEC Engineering (Subsidiary Diploma)


Level 1 Diploma in Electrical InstallationLevel 1 Diploma in Plumbing Studies
Level 2 Diploma in Electrical InstallationLevel 2 Diploma in Plumbing Studies


In Year 10 our students have the option of taking a selection of the following subjects:

GCSE English LanguageGCSE Further Maths*
GCSE English LiteratureGCSE Double or Triple Science
GCSE MathematicsGCSE Geography or GCSE Computer Science
GCSE Statistics


Engineering (Double Award)

Curriculum Statement

Students are at the heart of the educational process and participate fully in the life of the UTC. All contributions, from all students, are valued regardless of their age, gender, ability and background. Our aim is to ensure that every student takes this opportunity to excel through the STEM subjects of science, technology, engineering and mathematics.

Gifted and talented students can thrive in this environment; we offer a range of opportunities for supporting activities to develop minds at all levels of ability. Support is also given to students who require it in specific curriculum areas.

Our curriculum extends beyond the classroom and enables students to prepare for life beyond college through our extensive employer partnerships. These employers give students direct access to professions, Universities and apprenticeship providers in a way that helps to bridge the skills gap, opening up the opportunities for life transformation through STEM Excellence.

In Key Stage 4 (Year 10 and Year 11), all students study 9 subjects which contribute to Progress 8 and Attainment 8. These subjects include:

  • English Language and Literature
  • Mathematics
  • Triple Science (biology, chemistry and physics)
  • Geography
  • Computer Studies or Information Technology
  • Double Engineering
  • Physical Education

In Key Stage 5 (Year 12 and 13), students have an opportunity to study STEM subjects in 3 possible strands:

  • Strand 1: Academic (A Levels)
  • Strand 2: Vocational (BTECs)
  • Strand 3: Technical (Diplomas)
  1. A Levels subjects include:
  • Mathematics
  • Further Mathematics
  • Physics
  • Chemistry
  • Biology
  • Computer Science
  • Information Technology
  • Electronics
  • Geography
  1. Vocational subjects include:
  • Engineering
  1. Technical subjects include:
  • Electrical Installation
  • Plumbing and Heating Installation

The curriculum promotes the spiritual, moral, cultural and physical development of students and British Values, preparing them for adult life.

All students are offered meaningful work experience and careers advice during each Key Stage.

To learn more about our curriculum please contact of Director for Teaching and Leaning Phil Martin