You will take an enquiry approach to the study of geographical information, issues and concepts. This is based on the principle that geographical education should enable learners to become critical and reflective thinkers by engaging them actively in the enquiry process. Content is organised around key questions and you should develop the ability to pose geographical questions of your own.

You will study geographical concepts such as place, spheres of influence, cycles and flows, mitigating risk, geographical features, interconnectedness and sustainable communities.

Core themes examine aspects of physical and human geography with a focus on landscapes and physical processes, rural and urban links, weather, climate and ecosystems and development and maintaining our planets resources. This will provide you with a suitable foundation for the study of geography at A-level and the integration of knowledge and understanding with geographical skills enables our students to become globally and environmentally informed and thoughtful, enquiring citizens.

The course provides a suitable foundation for the study of geography at A-level and provides a coherent, satisfying and worthwhile course of study for students who do not wish to study the subject further.

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