This route will lead you to achieving three separate grades in GCSE biology, GCSE chemistry and GCSE physics. You will study these three subjects individually over your two years of study and will cover all the key areas of each of the three science disciplines, with additional topics covered in comparison to the double science route. In addition to this you will gain an appreciation of scientific methods through a large number of practical investigations.

This route will provide you with an excellent foundation of knowledge and skills for future scientific studies and employment, and in particular the study of A-levels in science at Key Stage 5.


  • 1. Cell biology
  • 2. Organisation
  • 3. Infection and response
  • 4. Bioenergetics
  • 5. Homeostasis and response
  • 6. Inheritance, variation and evolution
  • 7. Ecology


  • 8. Atomic structure and the periodic table
  • 9. Bonding, structure, and the properties of matter
  • 10. Quantitative chemistry
  • 11. Chemical changes
  • 12. Energy changes
  • 13. The rate and extent of chemical change
  • 14. Organic chemistry
  • 15. Chemical analysis
  • 16. Chemistry of the atmosphere
  • 17. Using resources


  • 18. Energy
  • 19. Electricity
  • 20. Particle model of matter
  • 21. Atomic structure
  • 22. Forces
  • 23. Waves
  • 24. Magnetism and electromagnetism


There are six papers: two biology, two chemistry and two physics. Each of the papers will assess knowledge and understanding from distinct topic areas.

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