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The technical skills centre, currently based at UTC@Harbourside, Newhaven, has limited spaces available on its fulltime level 2 plumbing and electrical courses. Please apply before 25th October for an interview for plumbing and 19th October for electrical. We also have limited spaces on our adult level 2 plumbing course. Please apply before December 1st for an interview.

Please contact the head of plumbing, Adam Broadbent for an interview adambroadbent@utc-harbourside.org

For electrical courses or details of our short electrical courses including the BS7671 18th edition qualification, please contact the head of electrical, Simeon Peach at  simeonpeach@utc-harbourside.org


The UTC Year

Term Dates

  Term Starts 1st Half Term Ends Half Term Holidays 2nd Half Term Starts End of Term
Autumn Term 05/09/18 19/10/2018 22/10 – 26/10 30/10/18 21/12/18
Spring Term 07/01/19 15/02/19 18/2 – 22/2 25/02/19 05/04/19
Summer Term 23/04/19 24/08/19 27/5 – 31/5 03/06/19 19/07/19*

*Whilst the formal end of the summer term is as normal, year 11 and year 13 students will finish school on the 28th of June 2019.


  • Term dates do not always start on a Monday due to Staff training, the dates above are the dates students are expected in school.
  • The last day of term will be a half day with lessons finishing at 1:20pm.

Trial Exams

Throughout the school year we have time set aside for trial/mock exams. The aim is to provide an opportunity for students to familiarise themselves with the exam room environment, preparation and subject content.

The trial exams offer an opportunity to students to revise and practice as if the exams were real and to see their areas of strength and areas to improve. After every exam period we schedule one week to allow time for all subjects to go over exam papers and support students to clearly identify next steps to improve. This review process is more important than their total marks/grades as it clearly identifies how a student can achieve their best in the summer. Students will receive actual grades and forecast predictions of their summer grades.

  Year 11 Year 13
Trial Exam 3 W/C October 8th 2018 W/C October 8th 2018
Trial Exam 4 W/C October 3rd 2018 W/C 18th March 2019
Trial Exam 5 W/C 18th March 2019 N/A


Parents’ Evenings

Following the first and last trial exam series of the year we will have a parents’ evening, these will be based around providing next steps for improvement for students following the trial exams and also reporting back on an overview of the year to date.

A parents’ evening should not produce any surprises for you or your son/daughter. If there is anything of concern a teacher will be in touch during the course of the term. Likewise if you have any questions or concerns all teachers can be contacted by email either using the emails at the end of this note or by contacting reception on 01273 916170 to obtain their details.

The Parents’ Evenings for this year are.

Wednesday 7th November 2018 4:30pm – 7pm

Wednesday 3rd April 2018 4:30pm – 7pm

In addition the day following a parents’ evening is a 10am start to allow both students and staff who travel longer distances to relax in the evening



Summer Exams

The summer exam timetables are available online, however, to avoid confusion we will provide personalised timetables for each student later in the spring term. You should expect the summer exam period to start in the 2nd -3rd week of May and end on the 28th of June, this will be the last day for all students at UTC.

As in previous years lessons will continue as revision sessions following their normal timetable up until each subject’s exams are completed. Students are expected to attend as normal. A Level/BTEC students will not need to attend lessons once they have completed all exams in a subject. GCSE students will continue to attend all lessons, using completed subjects as revision lessons until all exams are completed.

College / University Applications

Conversations have already started with all students at UTC regarding College/University applications. There are a whole range of options available. If you have any queries please contact helenbrowne@utc-harbourside.org.

Year 11 students will research and apply for college/apprenticeship applications using UCAS progress, equally Year 13 students will use UCAS to research and apply for university/apprenticeship applications.

Year 11 students should be looking to attend college open evenings/days during the Autumn term and will have careers meetings with our external advisor during this term.

School Reports

A full school report is available at each of our parents’ evening and will be posted home to parents who do not attend, in addition twice each term student predictions, attendance and behaviour will be updated on the school parent app for those wishing to monitor more closely.

The School parent app

To improve communication and access to information on attendance, behaviour and attainment the school has invested in a new parent app. Further details of this will be available at the November parents’ evening. You are able to download the app from the app store or play store alternatively you can access the app features through any web browser Log in details will be sent out to parents shortly after half term.

Leadership & Teacher Email addresses

Lisa Jepson Principal principal@utc-harbourside.org
Tracy Newby Assistant Principal Curriculum Teaching & Learning – English tracynewby@utc-harbourside.org
Steve Pomery Assistant Principal Curriculum Outcomes – Maths stevepomery@utc-harbourside.org
Claire Webster Assistant Principal Post 16 & Careers – Geography clairewebster@utc-harbourside.org
Lisa Croydon Miles Safeguarding & Attendance Officer lisacroydon-miles@utc-harbourside.org
Kathryn Reynolds Operations Manager kathrynreynolds@utc-harbourside.org
Helen Browne Head of KS5 – Assistant Principal Post 16 & Careers Computer Science / ICT helenbrowne@utc-harbourside.org
Julian Kupper Head of KS4 – Engineering juliankupper@utc-harbourside.org
Kate Wells SENCO katewells@utc-harbourside.org
Paul Childers KS4 Science / A Level Biology / Electronics paulchilders@utc-harbourside.org
Charlie Kwan Product Design / Engineering charliekwan@utc-harbourside.org
Madeleine Macedo Maths / Further Maths madeleinemacedo@utc-harbourside.org
Ingrid Murray KS4 Science / A Level Physics ingridmurray@utc-harbourside.org
Fran Rivadulla A Level Chemistry franciscorivadulla@utc-harbourside.org
Tim Stanford Engineering timstanford@utc-harbourside.org
Louise Taylor A Level Chemistry louisetaylor@utc-harbourside.org
Eva Koutoumpa Cover Supervisor evakoutoumpa@utc-harbourside.org
Becki Rookley Learning Mentor rebeccarookley@utc-harbourside.org




Here at UTC@Harbourside our staff have all received training on e-safety, and through the year we will be exploring safe use of the internet with all our students. Our work takes into account the DfE statutory guidance ‘Keeping Children Safe in Education 2018 ‘Working Together to Safeguard Children’ 2018.


Our aims for e-safety=


  • Safeguard and protect all members of the UTC@Harbourside community online.
  • Identify approaches to educate and raise awareness of online safety throughout the community.
  • Enable all staff to work safely and responsibly, to role model positive behaviour online and to manage professional standards and practice when using technology.
  • Identify clear procedures to use when responding to online safety concerns.



  • The issues classified within online safety are considerable, but can be broadly categorised into three areas of risk:
  • Content: being exposed to illegal, inappropriate or harmful material
  • Contact: being subjected to harmful online interaction with other users
  • Conduct: personal online behaviour that increases the likelihood of, or causes, harm.



  • believes that online safety is an essential part of safeguarding and acknowledges its duty to ensure that all learners and staff are protected from potential harm online.
  • identifies that the internet and associated devices, such as computers, tablets, mobile phones and games consoles, are an important part of everyday life.
  • believes that learners should be empowered to build resilience and to develop strategies to manage and respond to risk online.



The importance of e-safety links with several policies, practices and action plans including:

  • Anti-bullying policy
  • Acceptable Use Policies (AUP)
  • Behaviour policy
  • Child protection policy
  • Confidentiality policy
  • Curriculum policies
  • Data security
  • Image use policy

This link will give you more detailed advice and guidance should you require it, and if you would like to talk to someone at the college about it please do contact Lisa Croydon-Miles on the main college telephone number (01273 916170 )or by email.



Wednesday 17th October Parents surgery – 4:30 – 5:30pm


Yr 13 students and parents will have a talk from Joanna Harris from Brighton University about finances and attending University

Yr 11 Parents will be able to explore the best way to support their child in Yr 11, study skills, exam preparation and revision.

There will also be an opportunity to discuss college applications and best practice.


Wednesday 17th October is also Careers day at the UTC. Students will be involved in practice interviews, work on their personal statements and be able to talk to colleges and potential employers.


On the last day of term students are invited to wear something Pink and donate at least a pound to Cancer Research

UTC@harbourside has announced that fifteen A-Level will spend a day at the home of the Large Hadron Collider – the CERN Laboratories in Geneva, Switzerland

The European Organisation for Nuclear Research (CERN) visit is taking place from the 4th to the 6th of November and includes a mix of A-Level Physics students, A-Level Chemists, and A-Level Engineers. They will spend a whole day at CERN, undertaking two S’Cool laboratory workshops led by CERN scientists: Making a Cloud Chamber and “Resistance is Futile: Investigating Superconductors”. S’Cool Laboratory workshops are a physics education research facility at CERN.

The UTC had to bid for this opportunity as CERN gets thousands of applications every year from schools across the world wanting to take part in their education programme.  As part of the bid the UTC@harbourside students had to produce a collaborative piece of research on superconductors and liquid nitrogen, and suggest experiments that they would like to undertake in addition to the main workshop. The selection committee said: “We are impressed and we are looking forward to working with your very motivated students in November!”

Acting Principal Lisa Jepson said “I am proud that the staff here at the UTC are committed to our students, and that they are providing this very exciting opportunity for our young people. After the difficulties in the last academic year, this educational visit demonstrates just how much we all want to make sure that our remaining students get the best education and experience for their final year at UTC@harbourside”

Students will also have a tour of CERN and a networking lunch with researchers and engineers currently working at CERN to learn about the organisation’s research projects and careers. The group will be visiting Geneva for 3 days, and they will also be visiting the History of Science and Natural History museums.

A-Level Results Day

“Congratulations to all UTC@Harbourside students who received their results today. I wish you all luck and send you my warmest wishes for your future plans. These results really are testament to the talents and abilities of you all. There have been some fantastic individual performances and you really have excelled in subjects that are at the very heart of our UTC.

 There is no denying that the last 12 months have had their challenges, however, the staff have worked tirelessly with the students and it has paid off. The results are a real credit to everyone in our community.”

Acting Principal,

Lisa Jepson

Course Outlines

Here are the course outlines for all UTC@harbourside courses.

10 UTC Year 11 Engineering Department Course Outline

UTC Course Outlines

Summer Holiday Homework

Here is the list of the summer holiday homework for UTC@harbourside students. Students can also access their summer holiday work via Google Classroom by clicking on the link https://classroom.google.com/u/1/ and using their email address ending @utcharbourside.org with their school computer password. They are also able to download the Google Classroom App from either the IOS App store or Google Play Store and log in with the same details.


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