Why move at 14 to the UTC?

Changing school at 14 is becoming more common, and there are nearly 50 UTCs as well as other schools offering the option to switch between Years 9 and 10. Now is a great time to get ahead of the game and be amongst the first to benefit from the unique opportunities we offer.

As students progress through their education they need increasingly specialist teaching to make the best possible progress. This is recognised in the move from the primary to the secondary phase at 11.  By the age of 14 many young people have developed a sense of the direction in which they are heading, even if they haven’t made precise career choices.

In all schools, GCSE option choices at age 14 are designed to support the need for young people to begin to develop more personalised learning. At UTC@harbourside we are able to take this to the next stage. We have built our entire curriculum to support a range of specialisms, whilst ensuring that other core subjects are taught effectively. This enables us to focus on the quality of teaching in these areas, attracting the involvement of industry professionals and giving students the experience of working with local and national employers in these fields.

We offer the chance to make a seamless transition through GCSEs to A levels, develop work experience and employability skills, and have an excellent preparation for the world of work or further study beyond that.

We provide extensive support to ensure your child makes a successful and happy transition to the UTC:

  • They will have opportunities to talk to the Principal and staff, to attend workshops in the UTC or the university and to meet the employer partners.
  • Once they have made a decision to come we will continue to work with their existing school.
  • They will have a chance to try out the journey with an individual travel plan we will prepare for them.