At UTC-Harbourside we believe that all our students’ needs are best met in mainstream lessons through high quality teaching by subject specialist staff that takes account of the needs of each individual.

A student has Special Educational Needs where their learning difficulty or disability calls for special educational provision, that is teaching approaches that differ from (and are in addition to) what is usually available within the classroom.

All teachers are teachers of students with SEND and they have a key role in ensuring that students’ needs are identified and met.

Subject teachers are responsible for the progress, development and attainment of all SEND students in their classes even when students access support from teaching assistants or other specialist staff.

At UTC@Harbourside we:

  • Identify and provide for young people who have special educational and additional needs
  • Work within the guidance provided in the SEND Code of Practice 2014
  • Provide information, support and advice for all staff working with SEND students
  • Develop and maintain partnership and high levels of engagement with parents and carers
  • Ensure access to the curriculum for all students

UTC-Harbourside provides support for the four categories of need identified in the SEND Code of Practice 2014:

Ø  Cognition and Learning

Ø  Communication and Interaction

Ø  Physical and Sensory

Ø  Social, Emotional and Mental Health


If the student is on the SEND register when they transfer from another school we will keep them on there at the appropriate level.

·         We draw up Student Passports with information about individual needs and disabilities and these are used by all of our staff for their planning.

·         The SENCO and the Inclusion team work closely with subject teachers as we  get to know the students  in order to develop bespoke strategies to support their learning.

·         For students with Education Health Care Plans (EHCP) we will endeavour to meet the provision outlined in the plan and we review this provision formally on an annual basis.

·          When parents/carers raise concerns about their child’s educational needs the SENCO will gather all the relevant data and information from all of the teachers so that a full assessment can take place before any necessary support strategies, referrals or interventions are arranged.

·         Close communication is at the core of successful support for students with additional needs. As such we endeavour to share relevant information with teaching and support staff across the college with consent and regular briefings are issued to all staff.


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