UTC@Harbourside will be closing on July 5thwhen the exams have finished.

Firstly, THANK YOU! We would like to thank you for all your help and support over the past year, and for having the confidence in the UTC to complete the courses for your son or daughter.

We hope the following questions and answers will be able to answer any final questions you have about our closure.

When do I find out about my child’s exam remarks?

Remark submissions can take up to 6 weeks, we will contact you as soon as we have any information.

Where will exam certificates be sent?

Exam certificates will be distributed by Brighton Aldridge Community Academy and should be with all students by early November.

Will my child be able to get a reference/certificate of attendance? Where are my child’s school records held?

All students will have a reference/certificate of attendance from the UTC in their student file. From September, each student’s file will be held by East Sussex County Council in secure storage, in accordance with the legal requirements. Colleges where your son or daughter will be attending from September will receive their information as soon as their new institutions request them.

From September, if you would like access to your student file you can make a Subject Access Request (SAR) via East Sussex County Council’s website here – https://www.eastsussex.gov.uk/yourcouncil/about/keydocuments/foi/dataprotection/form/. You will need to provide two pieces of identification to prove who you are (scans/photocopies of original documents are acceptable).

Please be aware that if a child is aged 13 years or older, parents will only be given access to their child’s file if they can provide proof they have permission from their child to request the information on their behalf.

Have all staff secured alternative jobs?

We have been heartened that people have been concerned about the future of the staff.

We are pleased to say that all staff have new arrangements in place.

What will happen to the building?

The building has been handed over to the Department for Education in July. They are working with local partners to ensure that the buildings continue to be used for education purposes.

Can I contact the school if I have other questions?

To contact the UTC, please e-mail enquiries@utc-harbourside.org. This address will continue to be monitored and will ensure your query is dealt with.